NAMM 2019 - The Secret Yamaha Synth Room

Yamaha and Roland are very conservative Japanese companies which probably don't see a profitable way to get into competition with Behringer. I have a lot of questions about his secretive company that are just getting ignored.

Why has he based his corporate headquarters in a corrupt country?

Why is his new factory in a 3rd or 4th tier Chinese city? Who provided the investment capital to build Music Tribe City? Was it the provincial government or a Chinese state bank?

Who is manufacturing all these, until recently, esoteric parts for dirt cheap? What does the waste stream look like from his vendors?

There is a real veil of secrecy to what Behringer is doing to get these prices to this level, and I am personally not comfortable with it, or the propaganda I hear from Behringer. He is still responsible to his investors regardless what fairy tale he is spinning.

I like what he is doing shaking up the music manufacturer market, but how he is doing it also matters. You only do things in secret when you have something to hide, in my experience.

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