Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open on Monday, according to her social media, one day after tennis’ Grand Slams threatened disqualification or suspension if she continued to skip press conferences

Then the issue is solved, she's not showing up so you can rest assured the marketing and media won't be inconvenienced this time.

Media is essential in sports because it enables people everywhere to watch sports. That's the main part of their coverage, the sport. Interviews at the end are not the sport. By the looks of it people tend to have a negative impression of these interviews anyway, judging by this fairly active reddit thread.

The marketing for televised tennis knows the main point of these events is tennis. It's what truly, ultimately, brings in revenue. A tennis ad on TV almost exclusively shows players playing tennis. It does not show them giving the interviews. Why is that?

Professional tennis is still fucking tennis, anon. The media knows why they cover sports. Marketing knows what people care about and why they tune in. Yet for some reason these concepts elude you, as you can't see past the big dollar signs.

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