Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News, Americans need to be worried about this. Very worried.

For those who don't want to watch:

The entire crux of her argument is predicated on the existence of a law she claims was recently passed that authorizes propagandizing American citizens and assassinating American citizens. She then cites the government subsidizing of the 'Zero Dark Thirty' script (which she says was exposed in a major news story) as evidence of this propagandizing at work.

In regards to the law she says, "I believe a law has been passed in the United States, I think it's part of the Defense Authorization Act, I still need to confirm this, that now makes it legal to propagandize American citizens." She follows by stating she does not know a) if it actually exists, b) what it is called, c) if it was actually passed, d) when it may have been passed if it was. The existence of this law is the basis of her entire argument.

I would not say she "Exposes Fake News" and this click-bait, fear mongering title is complete trash. However, she does discuss a law that apparently makes it legal to propagandize and assassinate American citizens.

This is important, because if it exists, I am unaware of it, and she herself appears not to really know much about it. It would be important that Americans are aware of such a law if it exists as she has portrayed it. Does anyone have any more information on whatever law she is referring to?

Her evidence of "Fake News" boils down to a story on CNN about a water skier who was decapitated on the Mexico-American border. She didn't believe the story because it seemed sensational. When she questioned staffers at CNN about the source they embarrassingly admitted their only source was Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona and they didn't have a second source. She checked Facebook accounts of Mexicans and didn't see anything about the story. That's pretty much it.

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