Naples, Florida to close beaches “until further notice” after re-opening earlier this week due to large crowds refusing to follow CDC’s social distancing/safety guidelines.

As a resident if this fine county-

There is absurd money here. A lot of residents have private beaches and never stopped going to the beach in smaller numbers. Also (not just here) people have quickly picked up the mindset that the virus was blown out of proportion from the start since the idea that the death rate is actually much lower than anticipated was released. The combination of these has probably got a lot of people thinking that even if they did get it, they've got enough in the way of ducats and sway with the local powers to make sure they get first treatment and a the biggest comfiest room. Note: Collier is the type of place where many unsavory deaths never hit the news. You hear about it because maybe you've got a friend of a friend connection but never hear mention of it again.

This is all topped by the average age demographic in Collier being around 65-70+, so you'd think there'd be a bit more concern about the spread by these relics- but the "I'm about to die anyway" is something I've already heard a dozen times. As an essential worker in a high end construction company- many of the services we postponed due to the virus were met with "You know this is stupid, right? I need this very cosmetic and miniscule thing remedied now."

I'm admittedly surprised that they'd close the beaches again because of this- but since our main industry is tourism, they are putting some effort into making sure this doesn't get more out of hand than it has and hurt our cash flow (much like the deaths) - even at the cost of pissing off many of the fat wallets. Season is still a ways off so they've likely established that they can continue to keep things restricted for a while longer without it hurting too much.

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