Narc ex came back 15 months after No Contact

Thank you, and I really mean it.

Fortunately we don't have kids. We were even supposed to buy a house, but I refused to continue the process because he was already physically abusive to me, although he coaxed me once more if we could get on to it to which I said no.

During the time that we broke up, I was in pain. But I tried my best to help myself heal- watched videos from Dr. Ramani, read about how to properly deal with heartbreak and move on. I tried dating but eventually stopped because I just knew I am still healing. I blocked him everywhere but I was surprised to see an email of him in my Spam folder a year after the breakup.

It's just funny how last year, I told a friend how one day I woke up and felt light in my chest. I have accepted we have broken up, the relationship is over, and he's a finished chapter, and then a month after, he comes back to my life with all the drama and negativity again.

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