Narc One-Liners

One more.......

“I’m sorry that you still hold on to things I said when I was angry or drunk.”

Said this after I finally unloaded on him that the things he has said to be throughout the years have been so damaging that they will stay with me forever.

And that was his way of “apologizing” when he ended our relationship.

Examples of damaging things that he “apologized” for include.....

“Look at me, I have a great career, nice cars, can go on great vacations.....I have so much to offer anyone in this world, you on the other hand, have nothing of value to offer anyone in this world.”

“I really married down, I can do so much better than you.”

“I know this is probably wrong to say, but if it wasn’t for you and the kids, I would be able to leave my career, and go and live my life in California with not a worry in the world. But because of you and the kids I am stuck here. I can’t help but have such resentment for all three of you.”

These are the types of things that he has said that he doesn’t understand why it is so damaging to me and why i have such a hard time letting it go.

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