Narcissist abusive ex/stalker slandered and harasses me for years now, moving to same state as them.

That's the thing. I haven't had direct contact from explicitly him since 2016. But this year, the harassment has continued. A fake account on the one year anniversary of my current relationship attacked me with the exact same accusations of abuse of an ex who died during our relationship whom I loved and still mourn to this day. It hurt, but it was clearly "not a friend of his" when he couldn't even tell me what I did. The day after, the narc ex made a similar post with the same stupid hashtags and accusations featuring a screenshot of a man I never dated with the caption that I have a pattern of talking shit about exes. #Abusive.

Later this year, he came into my streaming channel's chat to insult me on that I don't have many viewers even though it was a test stream and I stream for fun. He used his main account too which I'm very sure I preemptively banned but the site thought otherwise. I immediately reported but nothing came of it.

Yeaaaah, I'm pretty tired.

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