The narrative that Kawhi hasn't been tampered with, that he's pure from it all, seems untrue

Look, Clippers initiated a year long process centered on getting Kawhi, who is the most kawhivetted free agent in recent memory. All the in-house scouting they did, directly in front of the Raptors, to get his attention. Compile that with Doc going on TV and comparing Kawhi to MJ. I mean, Raps fans, you know this lol.

Now, the Lakers. Lots of reports Bron recruiting him year. Eame with Bean, Brow and Magic. Are we to believe that LeBeon of all people didn't do the due delligience and recruit Kawhi? Come on now.

Toronto. They're the incumbent so tampering isn't really a concept to hold against them. Again, folks, common sense. Everything they've done has been to appease to Leonard, but it's all been in accordance with the league.

I believe Kawhi has a decision in mind that he hasn't had the proper time to release. Consider his circumstances: he upholded his promises of meetings with all teams, as most FAs do, so he couldn't release his decision immediately as other FAs. However, he hasn't had the time, due to the fourth of Kawhi and his uncle's birthday on the fifth, to formerly announce the decision.

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