NASA Finds Antarctic Ice Shelf a Few Years From Disintegration

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Canned Heat Going Up The Country HQ MUSIC 1 - How do you feel about this dope jam?
Futurama: Global Warming - None Like It Hot! 1 - Thus solving the problem once and for all. But... ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Late Unicorns Robot Chicken Adult Swim 1 - More like this
Meet the Soldier 1 - Ark* Also, this is all I can ever think of whenever someone brings up Noah's Ark.
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Our Rising Oceans: VICE on HBO Debrief (Episode 1) 1 - There was an episode of Vice this season where they went to Antarctica to talk to the scientists doing the work there. There is one common theme from all of them, and it's a sense of hopelessness. Here is a recap of that episode, but I suggest ...

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