Natural development

Yeah, that's similar to how we started out. We don't really identify as poly although our relationship probably falls somewhere on that spectrum. We grew really close to another couple we were long term friends with to the point we were seeing each other several days a week, vacationing together, attending each other's family gatherings, etc. At some point, cuddles on the couch turned into sexual tension, which turned into "jokes" about taking things upstairs, which led to us eventually doing it.

It was great for a while, but the dynamic is changing now because the other couple has recently split. He has sort of exiled himself from the group, but we are still really close with her and her kids. Literally just got home minutes ago after spending the evening at her place cooking dinner for the fam! None of us have any experience with polyamory; she literally just learned about it like two weeks ago, lol. We even talked about it over the weekend. Her thoughts on it pretty much ended with, "it's weird... but fascinating." Guess we'll see where that leads us...

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