the nature of humanity is unseen until you get into sales

I worked in sales for a bit

why don't you offer specific time lines? a bit means what? very little time?

Sales is a game. Sell or be sold. You aren’t authentically interacting with your clients.

lol sales is not a game. a game you play for fun, sales is to make a living. this is how i know you're weren't selling for long. if said sales is like fishing, then yea i would agree. but it is not a game. you're not collecting "points" there is no starting the same level over, and if you don't make money you don't eat. it's that simple.

hat’s why lol. Sales people are perfect example of how influenced humanity can be by money. And how some throw away their humanity for that money.

lmao more clueless "logic" from people who never sold anyone anything. sales is not forcing anyone. sales is persuasion. persuasion is definitely better than FORCING people. would you prefer people come and just TAKE what they want? lol

And it’s a game sales people choose to participate in. For the money.

wow. lol so you work for the government, who collects tax? the rest of us work for businesses or own them. the sole of purpose of starting a business is to make money. LMAO it's not specific to sales people. just wow. and you got the most likes??? just wow. lol

But it sounds like you are still learning about the sales environment.

what's the "sales environment"? lmao. what is this? the mall? the phone? door to door? restaurants? lmao omg this tells you A LOT about the reddit environment and who's coming here with higher sense of morality and NO experience. smh lol

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