the nature of humanity is unseen until you get into sales

it's a very interesting point, and although sales caps or salaries instead of commissions isn't new, you def seem like you have experience and i appreciate that. how did you shift your business towards doing things this way? was it somewhat overnite, having meetings with top performers or something else?

i took notes on that meeting, in fact i watched it twice. i personally think its direct reflection of socialist influences in the west, however, some part of me is thinking this is the future of how things will be done.

i think it solely depends on cheaper prices to get people in the door, in other words, up sells aren't as valuable to the sales people, so they can find "the right fit" so they take their time, to find them.

BUT they will constantly be threatened with losing their job if they don't make quotas as a whole. which rarely happens in commission jobs. they'll constantly be asked "he's making more, what do you think you should do?" and people will fire themselves lol.

will people get THAT creative? or how creative can anyone be after about 8 ideas, what else can you do?

the whole presentation was him explaining himself, and questions to clarify his position, but they ran out of time to really question him.

i think this model is designed to attract women to sales, and each sales person is filtered to make the model work. so even engineers will be expected to participate in revenue making.

the guy said it himself, the real opportunity cost is you sitting in that chair if ur not making quota. commissions is about beating yourself up for not making your month, but they're approach is about losing your job if you don't put in those 20 hour days to do what they already paid you to do.

and i think thats the whole model, even tho that scott guy screamed at everyone for not being willing to listen to new ideas. the model is we'll pay you upfront your OTE, but if you don't make OUR goals, you're ass is gone.

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