Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden zings Obama on Trump 'Nazi' remark, tells him to say 'radical Islam'

Uh, no, that's not the job description for anyone in SOCOM and as someone who did time in the Batts, which are the SOCOM/JSOC murder machine if there ever was one, I would ask you to politely shut the fuck up. Just because you're a cool guy doesn't mean you get to egregiously break the rules of engagement and the laws of armed conflict.

If you want high speed low drag done right, you call Delta.

Or, you know, anyone else in SOCOM because despite your assertion to the contrary; professional standards of conduct are kept very high in the rest of the community. That's not exclusive to TF-G. It's SEALs that are the outliers of unprofessional conduct and poor training.

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