"[The Nazis] got completely screwed over in the Treaty of Versailles from WWI. So excuse them for wanting some of their land back and people back. [...] they were justified."

It was a clusterfuck mistake in many ways. It didn't help Germany to heal because they fucked up their economy during war. Long story short, financing the war with debts and loans isn't a viable economic strategy in the long term. Plan was to pay the debts with war reparations, territorial concessions and spoils of war. Wonder what kind of Treaty the Germany would have demanded if they had won? Treaty was an excellent scapegoat but it was only partially to blame for the hyperinflation and definitely wasn't the main cause or the greatest cause at all. Treaty suffered from serious PR-problems and propaganda made it worse. Which was funny because Article 231 established that the Germans need to pay for the damages and A232 established that Germany doesn't need to pay all of the damages. In a way A231 was legal mumbo jumbo to have war reparations for Belgium and France from Germany without going too deep into the war responsibility question.

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