NBA 75: At No. 2, LeBron James has used his size, skills and determination to conquer the burden of expectations

Jordan got humped by the Pistons for several years of his prime, nobody seems to care.

Humped is saying it nicely. The Pistons physically and mentally abused and assaulted Jordan. He got punched in the jaw, elbowed to the face, clotheslined Everything they did to him would result in multiple flagrant fouls, ejections, and suspensions in today's game.....and yet, Jordan still kicked their ass to an extent. There's multiple videos of Jordan getting tripled up by Pistons players and STILL managing to score on them. Unfortunately, Jordan had to work his ass off to get those points and it drained his stamina for the late game, which allowed the Pistons to exploit.

The Jordan Rules would've arguably failed if Jordan and Pippen had more competent shooters on the team. The players beyond Jordan and Pippen were just really bad shooters. The Jordan Rules were essentially just double and triple-teaming Jordan at all times, forcing him to pass the ball out to his teammates, and letting the teammates miss their shots with Rodman and Laimbeer picking up the rebounds.

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