NBA coach Steve Kerr comments on gun violence in America

You're the one that asked if we had a lot of mass stabbings, which is a stupid question in a country full of guns. Of course crazy people are going to choose the most readily available means of killing people.

In Europe, mass killers have used trucks and knives most of the time in recent history. Because getting guns is harder there.

Do you honestly think these POS humans would have the guts to use a knife and kill people with their bare hands?

It doesn't take guts to murder kids cowering in a classroom. It just takes being extremely mentally ill. So yes, I'm sure we'd see more mass stabbings than other countries.

But yes, I'll agree that we would have fewer deaths if we could magically remove all guns from the U.S but no one has a realistic plan for doing this. All the plans involve bullshit restrictions that won't do anything to stop a crazy criminal from getting a gun and using it.

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