NBA Daily Discussion - 10/19/18 (Friday)

Records: 0-0-3(W-P-L)

Statutory Warning: Tail me at your own risk

Magic +2 $1.9 (Magic guys love to burn their full energy in the first half of the season)

Knicks +3 $1.95 (I love Fizdale's wife!)

Hawks +7.5 $1.90 (Don't underestimate so many 'insanity' in Hawks team. Anytime they can go insane1)

Celtics +3 $1.90 (Kawhi + Lowry are not enough to beat DADDY TATUM!)

Cavs Vs Wolve U223 (Two laziest teams. Expecting a slow pace!)

Sac Vs Pelicans U230.5 (SAC will shoot bricks while Pelicans are still drunk after sending entire Houston team on a Rocket!)

Pacers ML (It's Dipo's pit. Greek freak can't do it alone!)

Warriors ML (Pride at stake for the Warriors after the repeated a** whipping they got from Utah last year )

Thunder +1.5 (If Westbrick plays or this prediction void!)

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