NBA Daily Discussion - 5/14/19 (Tuesday)

What are your opinions on some of the match ups in TOR vs MIL?

Who guards Giannis, will they double with Ibaka and Basil like they did on Embiid? Or does Siakam have a go at one on one? Is that enough to slow him?

Giannis over 28.5 points @1.83

And if they double who's on Middleton or Lopez at the three?

Lopez over 1.5 threes @2.1

Middleton over 2.5 threes @1.76

Is Middleton going to try take Leonard? Can he slow him on the perimeter?

Leonard over 2.5 threes @1.86

Will Giannis be on Siakim?

Siakim under 19.5 point @1.83

I'd love to see some fans of the team's views on who's guarding who? I just don't see raptor competing, I think it will blow out in MIL.

MIL -6.6 @1.9

under 218 total points @1.9

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