NC registered voters; Tell me why I should vote for Trump.

Realize we are Still Paying for "W"s wars & the Iraq war had nothing to do with 911. It was a war of choice. We are still in both places.

To say it's the fault of 911 is disingenuous.

Social programs that are costly. Hmmm

I'm thinking of the trillion and a half dollar hole the unnecessary & unasked for trump tax cuts have blown in the US economy as a "social program" for the top 10% income earners and corps. Studies have shown it had a very negligible positive effect on the economy and was a far cry removed from the "rocket fuel" it was touted to be.

I simply can't trust a guy who bankrupted several casinos (the house always wins, how the eff do you do that) and the 20 million dollar lawsuit he paid for the graft operation that was Trump U. and the shutting down of his so called charity for self dealing, and tons of other shady business deals to run the economy.

Not to mention the compulsive lying.

He's worse than a used carpet salesman.

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