NCAA Pulls 7 Championship Events From North Carolina, Citing Transgender Law

I'm sure the vast majority of you who "vote with your dollars" are buying chocolate and coffee farmed by slaves. Don't feel like voting with your dollars there, eh?

Hey! Target is super progressive about bathrooms. Yeah, and guess what? Their shirts are made in sweatshops.

Everyone makes a big fuss over the flavor of the month issue because they want to seem like they care. And then they support even more deplorable industries and can't be bothered.

Hell even the NCAA, the organization in question here, doesn't pay its student athletes and acts like they're doing them a favor for it. Nobody's voting with their dollars on that issue though.

On top of that, you have 48.3% of that State who voted Democrat in the last presidential election. You're punishing very close to half the state for the actions of the other half.

If we're comfortable assigning that sort of blame, then you and every US Citizen you know are to blame for the Iraq War. You have blood on your hands because you didn't "vote with your vote" hard enough to prevent it.

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