As we near holiday season, let’s remind each other why we do what we do: What differences has a WFPB diet made in your life?

I look younger for one—I’m closing in on 40 and get mistaken for 30 or less frequently. A bartender recently asked what my secret was when checking my ID. A different wine store owner assumed I was younger saying something to the effect of, “You wouldn’t understand being from that generation.” (Looks at ID, sees I was born in 1980) “Uhh, nevermind.” Another guy asked if I had recently graduated. “What?? How old do you think I am??” “Hmmm, let’s see... 27?” “My god man, you just made my day!”

I think this is because my skin has cleared up significantly and I’m almost at my high school weight. I also feel younger and find myself enjoying “younger” types of activities. Unfortunately when I’m asked, the inevitable answer “I don’t eat meat or dairy” doesn’t cause much excitement. But it does get the wheels turning for some people.

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