So, it's nearly here, who do you think will win, Mayweather or Mcgregor?

Mayweather only takes a fight he knows he can win, thats why he took forever to go aftet Pacquiao, that fight was wanted for a long time, Mayweather waited until hed been off circuit for a while. Hes a methodical boxer and is the supreme example of technical boxing.

He is a powerhouse and highly skilled but there isn't a single fight Mayweather has taken he wasnt certain about. He has never caved to pressure from fans or the industry and will only schedule a fight he will win, plain and simple, if he had taken a few of these fighters at their prime he never stood a chance in hell, excellence in skill can only stop a train so many times, so he makes sure that either theor body is worn enough or he catches them prior to their breakout years.

Man stacks his fights, McGregor doesn't have a shot in hell, but id still take the fight, as much as what i said may sound like hating on the guy if Floyd Mayweather calls you out its a small sign of honor in a sporting event that has lost pretty much all of it.

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