Nearly two-thirds of Republicans say they would likely leave party if Trump starts new one: Poll

You’re def talking to the wrong people. Here are my center-left views:

Yeah, we don’t need to implement all these climate measures right away. But I would like to see climate protection measures implemented over time, mostly because I don’t want to live in a nasty wasteland like China.

I think racial injustice absolutely exists. But if we want better educated/trained cops that we can hold to a higher standard, then we need to pay them more. My state HP officers top out around $55k, which is an insult. This, plus increased budget oversight to stop militarization. But we absolutely need good law enforcement.

The single individual I know that desires open borders is (literally) mentally ill. What we do need is reform of the legal immigration system. I naturalized in Switzerland (which has one of the highest costs of living in the world) a few years ago, and my total cost was $500. Compare that to the tens of thousands immigrants spend to get naturalized here, or even obtain permanent residency. The system is broken. But I really don’t think either party is going about immigration reform the right way. Also we need more coordination with countries where illegal immigrants originate from to try to prevent it as best we can.

For your point about safety, see my point above about police. For example, I went to HS with a dude that’s super nice but not intelligent at all. He almost failed HS, then hopped around between various unskilled jobs. That guy is a cop now after basically just signing up and going to a 3 week police academy, and it scares the shit out of me. If we pay cops an adequate wage/salary, we can have a higher standard of enforcement. And I think there does need to be a conversation between law enforcement bodies and the community about the role of policing, and how the community interacts with police. But again, quality law enforcement is important and doesn’t need to go anywhere.

As far as guns, dems that want to take away things like assault rifles are a loud minority who don’t know what they’re talking about. There are a lot of liberal gun owners out there. Myself included.

And FWIW, I have a lot of friends like me. I think extremists tend to be the loudest groups, even in the minority. But the moderates are definitely out there.

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