Necesito Tu Amor (a song for your weekend)

i'm not a recently divorced 55+yr old drunk uncle at a marina wedding.

in like white pants

spillin shit

dripping cocktail sauce on his sperrys

trying to seem youthful and fun and shit.

but like he aint youthful and fun

he like collects wwii memorabilia to remind him of the suffering

but which suffering?

the side from the germans

in the dark

posting on godlike productions about haarp

under that faded dolphins hat?

tinfoil lining

slowly but surely seeping through his skin

giving him Alzheimer's

memories slip away

he forgets he was ever married as he sips a Bahama mama

then like a jolt of lighting it hits him

he remembers burying his first pet

as he's digging a wild storm breaks out

he curses god

he snaps back

earth wind and fire september plays

it was the song he danced to at his wedding

he runs off

does a bump of shitty coke he scored 8yrs earlier

he cries

walks back into the wedding

tells everyone he's high thats why his eyes are red

nobody asked though

he sits down

stares at the floor





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