Nectar Lush vs. Casper Nova Hybrid vs. Something from Purple?

We had the Casper Nova Hybrid but we are in the process of returning it. My boyfriend likes it still but then again he doesn’t mind anything lol(5’7 ~135 combo). I personally ended up being okay with it after the adjustment period (5’3 ~150 side and back). However, just this past month my back started to really hurt so I’ve been looking at other options and just ordered a Brooklyn bedding Sedona.

I’m very wary of Casper as I hear that their quality isn’t great for what you’re paying. I notice that yes it does regulate heat but not cooling, as I still slept hot. You could say it’s a soft yet supportive bed but I think it feels off. Sleeping on my back I feel like I’m not getting as much support anymore as we broke it in, while sleeping on my side, it feels hard like it does not relieve my pressure points or let me sink in.

Nectar Lush we tried in store and it was nice but if you have an issue with sleeping hot then I would not recommend. I also heard their customer service is terrible so that was another reason for us to stay away.

The Purple, we weren’t sure about feel and heard lots of people not liking it due to it degrading quickly. I’m told it’s not worth it unless you’re getting premier.

Let me know if you have any questions lol as I’ve been obsessing over the right bed.

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