Need ability ideas for a mini boss battle!

Hatreds: Once Enraged, Orc uas Advantage on all attacks vs the source of the hatred and against any target within 5'
d12 Orc Hatreds Effects 1 Hate of Trolls Becomes enraged at the sight of Trolls 2 Hate of Burns Becomes enraged by burning attacks 3 Hate of Wargs Becomes enraged at the sight of Wargs 4 Hate of Undead (Wights, Nazgul, etc) Becomes enraged at the sight of Undead (Wights, Nazgul, etc) 5 Hate of Morgai Flies Becomes enraged when exposed to Morgai Flies 6 Hate of Bodyguard Suffering Becomes enraged when bodyguards are attacked 7 Hate of Defeat Becomes enraged at low health (10 Hit Points or less) 8 Hate of his Rival Becomes enraged near potential rivals 9 Hate of Dwarves Becomes enraged at the sight of Dwarves 10 Hate of Elves Becomes enraged as the sight of Elves 11 Hate of the Divine Becomes enraged at the sight of the Divine (Noldor, Paladins, Radiant Damage) 12 DM's Choice

Warchief Invulnerabilities: (one for lesser Warchiefs, 2 for greater Warchiefs)
d6 roll Orc Warchief Invulnerabilities Effects 1 Invulnerable to Sneak Attacks Cannot be damaged by Sneak Attacks 2 Invulnerable to Ranged Cannot be damaged by Ranged attacks 3 Combat Master Cannot be damaged by special Melee Combat Features (excluding Sneak Attack). 4 Monster Slayer Advantage tp attacl against Monsters and Beasts. Resistant to damage from Monsters and Beasts. 5 Invulnerable to Spells Cannot be damaged by spells that attack vs AC 6 Invulnerable to Status Spells Cannot be damaged by Spells vs Saving Throw 7 Invulnerable to Poison Cannot be damaged by Poisons 8 Invulnerable to Fire and Ice Cannot be damaged by Heat or Cold

d20 roll Special Abilities Effects 1 Sneaky Plus 5 to Sneak, Gets 1d6 bonus damage for Sneak Attack; May Disengage as a Bonus Action 2 Vault Breaker Gets a Reaction Attack to any Acrobatics Skill Check made within 5' 3 Grapple Advantage to Grapple Attacks, additional 1d6 Bludgeoning damage 4 Sneaky Plus 5 to Stealth Checks 5 Inspiring Presence Twice per day, may give Inspiration to any Orc or Uruk within 60' 6 Poision Weapon/Poison Cloud Upon Weapon hit, target must make DC 12 Con or take 2d6 Poison damage. Half Damage on Save OR Ranged Attack, like an Alchemist Fire bottle, creates a 10' by 10' cloud at point of contact of 2d6 Poison (DC 12 Con Save, half damage on Save) 7 Jump Attack Plus 10' on Melee Attacks. CON Modifier times per day 8 Flaming Weapon Melee Weapon is on fire adding 1d8 Flame damage. 9 Deflect and Counter When hit by a target that is within 5', Orc gets a Reaction Attack counter. Number of CON modifier times per day. 10 Quick Shot Bows and Crossbows only. May make a second ranged attack as a Bonus Action 11 Rapid Attack Melee only. As a Bonus Action, may make a Flurry Attack against the same target in the same round. Number of CON mofifier times per day. 12 Fury Attack May Rage 2 times per day and use Barbarian Rage damage bonus. CR = Level for pursposes of determining Rage 13 Savage Weapon/Deadly Weapon hits cause severe damage. Target must pass a DC 12 CON check or sustain additional 1d4 damage each round for 5 rounds, or until CON check. A DC 15 Medicine Check will also stem the flow of the wound OR any hit is an AutoCrit 14 Summoner Carries a ram's horn and calls out to 2d6 nearby allies in a fight who arrive in 3d6 turns when Terrified, Enraged or after taking more than 10 Hit Points of Damage 15 Weapon Master Ignores Shield bonus to target AC 16 Coup de Grace Any hit against a prone target is an Auto Crit 17 Quick Advantage on Acrobatics Checks, +10 to move, May Dash as a Bonus Action 18 Wrecker Shield bearing Orcs/Uruks only. As a bonus action, may bash any enemy within 5' with their shield doing additional 1d6 Bludgeoning or Piercing Damage. 19 Charge Attack If Orc/Uruk can charge 20' in a straight line at target, add 2d4 damage to attack 20 Hammerthrower Double to-hit bonus with Thrown Melee Weapons. 1d6 bonus damage

d12 Passive Abilities Effect 1 Fearless Cannot be terrified, never flees 2 Blood Thirsty Recovers 1HP when landing a successful attack 3 Regeneration Regains CON modifier Hit Points each round 4 Humilator Refuses to kill prone, dying victims 5 No Chance Will seek out and attack prone or dying targets ahead of healthy targets 6 Gang Leader Has a group (roll 3d8) of followers 7 Demanding Leader Warchief only. 4d12 Followers 8 Fast Runner Plus 20' to Movement 9 Sniffer Plus 5 to Passive Perception, Advantage to Spot Checks vs Hidden targets 10 Tracker Plus 5 to Passive Perception, Advantage on Spot Searchs vs Hidden Targets, Advantage while making Wisdom/Survival Checks to track fleeing adversaries 11 Cautious Averse to combat; will send in followers and bodyguards in to fight. Will flee if the battle turns against him. 12 DM Choice

Vulnerabilities: Double Damamge on hit, instant death on Crit
1d6 Vulnerabilities Effects 1 Vulnerable to Sneak Attack Vulnerable to Sneak Attacks 2 Vulnerable to Combat Finishers Vulnerable to Combat Special Features (Excluding Sneak Attacks) 3 Vulnerable to Ranged Attacks Vulnerable to Ranged Attacks 4 Vulnerable to Mounted Beasts Vulnerable to attack from Mounted Targets 5 Clumsy Must pass a DC 15 DEX Save when injured, Stunned for 1d4 Rounds is failed Save 6 Vulnerable to the Divine Vulnerable to Radiant Damage, weapons from Gondodlin

Warchief Vulnerabilities: Double Damage. If Crit, must pass a DC 20 CON Save or will flee
1d4 Warchief Vulnerabilities Effects 1 Damaged by Ranged Attacks Vulnerable to Ranged Attacks 2 Damaged by Combat Finishers Vulnerable to special melee Combat Features (excluding Sneak Attack) 3 Damaged by Stealth Finishers Vulnerable to Sneak Attacks 4 Damaged by fire Vulnerable to Fire 5 Damaged by Radiant attacks Vulnerable to attacks and spells that do Radiant Damage

Fears: Once terrified, Orc must make a DC 20 CON Saving Throw - Flee on fail, Disadvantage on all attacks if Saved
If an Orc succeeds a 2nd DC 20 CON Saving Throw while terrified but not fleeing, he calms himself and is no longer terrified
1d10 Fears (DC 20 CON Save or will flee, loses 1 turn on Save) Effects 1 Fear of Trolls Becomes terrified at the sight of Trolls 2 Feat of Undead Becomes terrified at the sight of Undead (Wights, Nazgul, etc) 3 Fear of Wargs Becomes terrified at the sight of Wargs 4 Fear of Burning Becomes terrified when burned 5 Fear of Morgai Flies Becomes terrified when exposed to Morgai Flies 6 Fear of his Rival Becomes terrified when near a potential rival 7 Fear of Betrayal Becomes terrified when allied Uruks fight each other 8 Fear of Dwarves Becomes terrified at the sight of Dwarves 9 Fear of Elves Becomes terrified at the sight of Elves 10 Fear of the Divine Becomes terrified at the sight of Noldor, Paladins, Radiant Damage, items and weapons from Gondolin or Valinor

Special Combat Featurers:
Ki-based Monk physical attacks
Barbarian Rages and Frenzies
Fighter Maneuvers
Divine Items:
Weapons made in Gondolin or by the High Elves (Sting, Orcrist, Glamdring)
Sacred Elvish artifacts (a Palantir or the Phial of Galadriel)
Holy Symbols and Devices carried by Paladins of the Valar
Radiant Damage:
Spells that do Radiant Damage, like Sacred Flame
Weapons that do Radiant Damage
Class Features of Clerics and Paladins which do Radiant Damage to living creatures
Weapons made in Gondolin or by the High Elves (Sting, Orcrist, Glamdring)

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