Need advice: Client reduced my rate and hours for the second time and still wants me to work

It all comes down to what you're willing to work for. If you feel you're worth $25 then refuse to work for less. But also know that you may lose some work. Also realize that you may think your work is worth $25, but a client might not agree.

I used to be in a group of writers quite a few years ago, and when rates were dropping, many got angry and went on rants about how they used to earn $200 per article, or whatever, but now a client is offering $50. But what they didn't accept was that times had changed. Content was moving more online and they were competing with more writers, so rates were dropping. So what they thought they were worth was wrong. It was all in their head. It's what the market is willing to pay that counts not what anyone thinks they are worth.

Maybe you're worth more than $25, but you also have to figure in the market in general. I don't know what the going rate is in your industry. Maybe the client genuinely can't afford what you want. I've got no idea.

But that's how markets work. Buyers and sellers have to agree a price.

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