Need advice on San Francisco dating

I am an Asian 24F who is having doubts on men in San Francisco. I noticed all of the guys I have interacted with are the “hit it, then quit it” or “too busy due to work” or they make it seem I’m a second option to them. Is this the norm here in the city?

The closer you get to a major metropolitan area, the worse dating becomes. Everyone is busy due to extremely high cost of living and stress from serious jobs. With your undergrad behind you and grad school ahead of you, you should have learned that by now.

It is extremely difficult being a woman your age in the area you're in. Men your age or slightly older in SF are established or becoming established: they have their pick of the litter! Why would an educated, successful man in his late 20s/early 30s even begin to think of settling down? It is in those years that he is most attractive to the opposite sex and has the resources to bring plenty around.

You are up against a lot of competition. My heart goes out to women in your situation who are looking to settle down... very tough in your area.

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