Need advice on whether rehoming our dog is best decision

Thanks for this post/response, I have gone back and forth a bit about going down this road, but have ultimately decided I am the best option for my pup. It’s nice to hear someone openly say it takes years. This is what I am also figuring out currently. It is a lot of work but I am up for the challenge and after 18 months of daily clicker training, I just started working with a veterinary behavior specialist. The cost is astronomical, and I am a single 28 yo with a modest income, but she’s worth it. I took on this responsibility when I adopted her and I think it’s my job to see her through this tough period and help her feel comfortable in most situations.

My living situation and my dogs fears/reactivity is a bit less intense than the situation of the person who created this post, but I wish you the best! Sometimes it is best to rehome if you are not able to live in an environment that is suitable for your pup and it’s triggers :(

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