I need advice, preferably from someone who has used a Futur.

I bought a futur for the adjustment & weight. It was my training razor, and i tuned it as i learned. I too struggled with razor burn, cuts et cetera. It took about 4 years to master my passes. Now i can use any blade in any razor with almost any product & get consistent results. In the beginning i thought it was the products, but now i perceive it was a lack of experience & skill. I found samples i discarded, astras i swore would never work all that jazz. Imagine my surprise when they worked fine 4 years later. Thing is, a year in I thought feathers were for me too, but I wasn't getting results.

How confident are you in your process? For me, skin sensitivity & coarse beard make BBS impossible. Its a unrealistic goal. Ive bought straight shaves from reputable barber shops applauded on here, still get razor burn. Get ingrown hairs and burn going wtg & all the prep in the world. The blood seeps out of the pores, it isnt even cuts (thats how sensitive my face skin is. I use 70spf every day & get sunburnt working mostly inside, all seasons). Now if your beard is steel wool you cant cut it down without taking layers of skin off, even with zero pressure. The blade skates across the hairs. Adjusting the angle gets them caught, nut cut. It sucks so bad. I have to shave every other day to let the skin heal, and thats as good as it gets for me. If i try the next day, with a new de blade, they just snag & rip the hairs out, no matter which approach is used. I loathe my steel wool beard. Whats the point of getting halfway to BBS for a date if your whole face is bleeding & swollen? My approach became one WTG pass every other day. Boom, no burn, no irritation, no ingrown hairs, close to no beard.

BBS isnt a healthy goal for every shaver. Sometimes a face can only take one pass, and that becomes the process. My suggestion is dont go for BBS so aggressively. Give your skin some relief.

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