I need advice. I was scammed by binary options website 1 year ago. Could I use paypal to refund my money?

I'm very sorry for what has happened to you. I hope paypal may help you (but I strongly doubt it, considering these broker/forex "brokers" make their business out of this kind of scams).

With all due respect, kid, this wasn't a smart move. Binary Options? Really?! Retail forex? REALLY?

Go find a job asap if you need money. Working at McDonald whilst you're studying is perfectly feasible and has never killed anybody: actually it helps building up the desire to succeed and developing a strong character. Forex, Binary Options and whatever flashy banner you see online.... leave it. There is statistically no way to make money consistently in retail trading (forex, cfds or whatever) - never seen one, never will see one. If the minimum deposit is inferior to 100K then.... there is no way the "broker" will let you make money. Sorry to burst the bubble to other people here.


  • How much money are we talking about?

  • What's the "broker"'s (lol) name?

  • Was he based where? Cyprus?

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