Need advise

My skin is also really dry. My current routine is Avene extreme gentle cleanser, pukyang toner and essence, the ordinary hyaluronic acid, avene rich moisturiser, Mecca cosmetica sunscreen and antipodes divine face oil. I think you’re using the order. However, I don’t use powder on my skin - it just makes it too dry. Maybe you can replace the power with tinted moisturiser and setting spray. Just know that if you don’t set your face with powder, even though it will improve skin texture, the makeup is more likely to transfer. I’m very vigilant about not touching my face when I have makeup on.

I got a sample of Juice Beauty’s STEM CELLULAR Vinifera Replenishing Oil and I wore it under my foundation. Now, I only used it once but HOLY SH*T at the end of the day my skin was still the perfect amount of dewy and glowy - I would normally have flaky skin spots showing after wearing makeup for a while. It’s super expensive though, so try to get a sample of it before buying if you can. Otherwise, I suggest trying face oils under makeup to try and achieve the same effect. I don’t have any other good product recommendations for face oils because I’m trying them out right now, but try Rosehip seed oil to start with if you don’t know what to do.

You can try BareMinerals tinted rescue gel with SPF30+ (you still need to wear sunscreen under it). Or NYX tinted veil as a cheaper option. I do find the nyx one to be slightly dryer but still good enough. They’re good for what they are but I still recommend looking into a face oil if non-dewy skin is your main concern.

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