I think we need to decide if we're alright as a community letting sugar dating be confused with prostitution.

SB is a gender free term.

It's not right to call anyone products.

A lot of SBs on this forum aggressively attempt to conflate anything that disagrees with their point of view as attacking them personally or now the entire gender, as seen right here.

Furthermore, most women are not SBs and would not like to be included in this. As such, even if one were to generically attack SBs, as most people would in the world, it is absolutely false to wrap the flag of gender around SBs and then say that this attack is an attack on the entire gender.

I would say it's not even fair to generically attack SBs as a whole, but if one were, you're not going after the entire gender any more than if one would launch an attack over all SDs that you'd imply that men in general and as a whole is the target of the attack.

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