'We need to eat less meat to save the planet': UK Chief Scientific Adviser says there is no 'magic' technology to tackle climate change as he calls for different eating habits and cutting flights

They need to do something about misinformation. Right now we have idiots wielding nonsense like a flaming sword, convinced they have finally found a way to be respected for their knowledge. They are going to buckle down and start making videos of them eating more meat saying "this is what I think of climate change" and revving their moron Mobile.

I recycle like a motherfucker but the amount of people I've lived with that throw everything in the regular bin is depressing. I'm pretty sure one of my current housemates doesn't put bins in the correct bins.

Even public bins aren't optional these days, where I'm living we are having a littering crisis cause the new students expect people to pick up after themselves.

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