I need feedback on these flags! See comments!

Tomorrow I have to present concept art and the a prototype of my game to an industry veteran for feedback, but I thought I should get some feedback from r/vexillology on the flags of the factions, first.

Since these flags have to be really visible and instantly recognizable for gameplay reasons, I will not tell you what each represents. Use the title of the imgur collection and the cues within each flag to assign them meaning. If I've done my job correctly you should be able to get all 5 right simply by the colour. If not, please let my know what you thought instead.


[Spoiler](/s " In my game, some of the rocky bodies of the inner solar system are colonized. All those that have a permanent presence of humans, have their own flag.

The blue one with the circle is the earth. It's a simplified version of the UN flag. The blue colour stands for the blue sky and sea, unique to earth.

The Red one is Mars. On the left there is Olympus Mons, and on the right there is Valles Marineris, the biggest mountain and canyon in the solar system respectively.

The yellow one is Venus. The surface of Venus isn't inhabited, but there is a small ISS like outpost that studies the planet. The first one was called Rhombus, hence the flag.

The brown one is mercury. Mercury isn't really inhabited either, but it's used by spacecraft that study the sun as a base, and launching point and so this is really the

Finally, there is the moon which is apparent.

The flags are of the similar design because the space agencies got together and agreed to have a single committee draw them in the 2040s, and I will probably make more for the outer solar system, but this is enough to showcase my concept for now. ")

Thanks for taking the time to go through these, please be frank about them.

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