I need hand holding.

In the time it took for you to make this account and wait for it to be able to post here you could have read the wiki. I’ve done some retarded shit myself, but even I can use a search bar and look at the wiki.

Anyway, here is why you shouldn’t do steroids, and I’ll try and give you some advice because I’m a sort of decent guy sometimes.

1) test according to this study probably won’t help with collagen synthesis, so why bother taking it? https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF02010758?LI=true

2) a steroid like nandrolone might help you, it does promote collagen synthesis, but you don’t know enough to use it.

3) if you give a shit about your body, actually do the research to fix it instead of saying “I need hand holding.” No, you probably do need some damn test just to stimulate some assertiveness in your damn life.

4) test will make you stronger, and stress your fucked up joints more. If you bench 200 pounds, and take test, you could easily add 20 pounds to that pretty quick, your shoulder can’t adapt that fast and is going to get hurt worse.

5) what I would do is buy bpc 157, it’s a pepetide and it isn’t illegal and it won’t make your balls small and make you have to do pct and it’s cheap. It MAY help with joint and tendon repair, and it sure helped me with my very mild tendon injury and my muscle tear I have dealt with.

Lastly, you deserve all the shit you are getting. There is a gate keeping culture here that you should have seen. We don’t like kids who start to young( To be fair I may be guilty of this depending on how you look at it), people who don’t do their research, people who do lots of drugs on cycle, and people who won’t help themselves. You don’t want to help yourself. I started TRT, and eventually cycling as well, in college after two years of low test and everything I did I figured out online and from asking my buddy and my mom in person. I never asked for handholding. I knew all about AIs, the endocrine system, basic nutrition and how to lift all before I even started TRT. If you wanna fuck around with your hormones understand what you are getting into.

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