We need a hell of a better way to do things around here.

I was just thinking about this. The dojo I attend was recently handed down to the next high Sensei- a younger woman. And it suddenly became so much more egalitarian, and so much nicer. Everyone still works hard and trains hard. But yesterday I taught a kids class where one kid just wasn’t dealing with the structure well. I hoisted him up on my back and kept teaching the others. Whenever he had the attention span, I’d work with him again. He had a great class. The previous high Sensei would have never allowed for that.

The next class, a new mom wanted to get back into working out. I took care of her baby while she worked out. It’s become this beautiful cooperative fabric where we all help each other grow. It’s not a male vs. female thing, but I think the High Sensei being female gives us a new perspective and new experience. I’m just thrilled.

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