Need help choosing target schools? [AMA]

Demographics: Asian, Male, CC, Freshman

Intended major: CS

SAT: 1520 SS (760 Math 760 Reading)

HS GPA: 3.88UW/4.4W (Did not rank)

College GPA: 3.8 - 4.0 range

Coursework: 11 APs in HS, taking heavy Math/CS class concentration.

Awards: USACO Platinum, PVSA

Extracurriculars: (going to be vague here for privacy reasons)

Founder of software business. Licensed to enterprises for $150,000+

Founder of software business. Used by thousands of college students at 15+ universities.

Stanford Researcher. Wrote and published two research papers with Stanford mentors.

Founder of Nonprofit. Helps low-income students, reached thousands of students in multiple countries.

And some less impressive ones.


Essays: Should be decent.

LORs will probably be bad - mid.

I'll be applying to Ivies, Stanford, USC, UC's, and UMich. I'm not too sure where else I should apply or if the schools on my list are feasible. If you have any ideas on any aspect of my profile it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing this!

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