Need help. How do I improve my rifling skills? How do I fix my bad habits?

I didn't watch all the clips, but I watched some of the deags and the one with ak. Three things I can say about all that:

1 - AK and Deag are two totally different weapons. IMO it's normal for you to be good with one and not with the other. With deagle your movement speed is a lot higher (that makes a big difference), the accuracy when moving is different (with AK you really have to stop your moviment before shoting by hitting the opposit direction button, with Deagle you have a much higher chance of hitting your shot without doing it), the accuracy reset time is another thing too.

2 - In the AK clip, it was not a bad decision to spray, the problem is it was a bad spray, so maybe you should practice your spray instead of trying not to spray (based only on the clip I saw). For that I would recommend a map from the workshop called Recoil Master.

3 - Could be a confidence thing, since when you are using a Deagle you have no pressure to win the duels, cause you are on a weaker weapon. It really looked like you were getting embarassed mid-spray on the clip and that may be a factor. In the Deagle clips I saw, you were playing with a lot of confidence. So try not to overthink when you are playing with an AK, just play your game more relaxed.

Don't know if that's any help, that's just my read on some of the aspects. Keep improving!

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