Need help PreK

I'm a teacher with a teaching assistant, ages 5-6. My TA gets things wrong. When she tries to do better, I'm not disappointed. When she cuts me off and pretends she knows what I want without letting me speak, not so happy.

Being the one in charge (responsible for anything that goes wrong) in a room of many kids is more exhausting than you might guess. Your brain has to be in a million places at once. After fake smiling to kids all day, it's hard to genuine smile to anyone else. Don't take it personally, just do better. Not that you're doing badly now, but we can all do better.

Also, good teacher / ta relationships thrive when each takes a different role. Good cop/bad cop. Bad cop means the punisher, the strict one. I don't expect my TA to change their personality, in class. I change mine. If they are strict, then I am sweet and supportive. If they are sweet and supportive, I become the strict one.

If your teacher doesn't change her personality, you'll need to change yours. It's not about what's fair to you and the lead, it's about what's best for the kids.

And, when she's right, say the magic words, "You're right."

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