I need help understanding this. Has anyone else dealt with their SO dumping them but then seemingly getting angry that you actually left because you felt like you had no choice?

Ah, seems like y'all were a little more intertwined life wise, but this is very similar to how me and one of Ns interacted. Every time I didn't react after the breakup he just piled on the painful (or I'm doing better than you/you must be miserable and sad) statements. You're reacting in a normal way, he sees you're not responding and ups the ante to get you to care/have a reaction. People with strong boundaries and self-esteem put their needs first - and that's what you need to do. So he says this or that - right now it doesn't matter because he declared that you are not his priority anymore, so he shouldn't be yours. Give/mail all his things, ignore all his baiting and go NC so you have time to heal.

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