I need help with bed adhesion and cant find an answer specific to my printer

The bed you are using is a Ultrabase clone. The printer is a Ender 3 clone.

You want to clean it with alcohol between prints. Use a cloth that doesn't leave behind fibers. Make sure you clean it good, and do not touch it afterwards. Some people use Alcohol, then warm water, then a microfiber cloth, but I find just alcohol is good enough.

For PLA, you want to have that bed between 50-70c. I would start at 60c, and go up if you are having adhesion issues. Ultrabase will grip TIGHT when cleaned and printed on properly, no need for glue sticks or tape. Just make sure you LET THE BED COOL before trying to remove the print, once the bed cools the print should be easy to take off, in some cases it will even pop off on it's own.

Print a skirt or a line and feel it as it prints. If it feels like fishing line, your nozzle is too far away from your bed, if it feels flat, it's to close. It should feel like melted fishing line, not all the way round but not all the way flat. Do not put all your trust in just whatever auto bed leveler/helping system it has.

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