Need help with dorms

Alright, here's the breakdown

Pritchard - party dorm, extra social, feels like college, no A/C, really fucking loud, lots of "bros"

Slusher - avoid. just don't even ever read anything else. fuck off of this entirely

West AJ - nice dorms, AC, need to be in the LLC

O'Shag - nice dorm, need to be in the LLC

Main Campbell - really nice location, chill place, no A/C. prolly one of the best locations for freshmen, it's sort of at the center of all the spots you hit the most (except the gym)

Cochrane - eh suite style shit, far af from everything, connected to West End. nothing special

Vawter - best social compromise, it's like Pritchard 2.0 sort of, very social, very coed, ( i think they have AC? I could be wrong), but more relaxed and chill.

Barringer, Miles - dick dungeons. best places for lifelong friends/all-4-years friends. all guys. the ppl ik that dormed here have a group of guys they know, no matter where they go. weird af. no A/C

Lee - idfk some engineering thing

Imo you definitely want a co-ed dorm unless you're really secure about making female friends, and A/C does NOT matter at all (don't believe fucking anyone, it truly does not fucking matter unless you need to have your thermostat at home at like 68.53 precisely all the time). it's hard to explain but it's not like "no A/C at home", which means you're fucking sweating. it's like, your room will be 70 ish and if you open the door or get an extra tower fan ur good.

and the rest depends on what u think u'll do... if u know u'll be at the gym a lot, or at the library a lot, etc pick 1 near there. ppl also started picking pritchard bc of its party-dorm reputation and now it's getting pretty trash now

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