Need help with load order xb1

Yes. It threw me off at first as well that's why I specifically mentioned it :) my knowledge of mods is limited but I have learned mostly through trial and error and with mods it's a lot of error. Always read the mod descriptions. Most of the time the descriptions will recommend where to place the mods in your load order and if there is any known clashes but it's mainly upto you to work out what's gonna clash. Anything standalone should never clash as it's something that is added rather than edited. E.g if you download 2 different mod textures for dog meat then the lowest in your order should load and override the higher placed one. This will also more than likes cause crashes also. So use 1 retexture at a time. Same goes with the pip boys and anything else like that. Modern firearms and crossbows of the common wealth don't clash as level lists (or something) don't count as the same thing and just works together same as most level lists editing mods. Save often with back up saves (a lot) as crashing is inevitable or at least for me but as long as your load order is sound then it shouldn't be often. If you have any specific questions feel free to message me anytime and I will try answer them. (Sorry for long reply. Just trying to help, hopefully you find this useful and understand it)

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