I need help with my investigation into can anyone help me out?

I've looked into the website, it definitely is strange. I'm willing to help you investigate. For starters, where did you find out about the website? The URL doesn't look like something you can stumble upon by accident.

It's clear this comes from Australia, hence the Queensland banner and the phone service company website claiming they work in Brisbane, along with the location listed as North Lakes. The area code in the phone number mentioned in the phone service site traces to Northeast Queensland.

The site also keeps claiming something about a tuition from a woman named Lisa B. Johnson. I found her name mentioned on multiple find a doctor websites, but nothing about a tuition. I doubt a professional would make a website that... scathing to look at, so it's admittedly pretty weird. I don't see this being a troll either.

The website keeps going on about "child safety". In the wordsearch-esque picture I'm not sure what to call, you can see "buy her" and "buy him" spelt out vertically. This is further mentioned in the incomprehensible paragraph below it about the 125 digits or whatever. This could be linked to child trafficking? If they're using this website to try and spread awareness about child trafficking, it's a damn weird way to do it.

They also keep rambling about these "dum sums" which completely confuse me. It seems to have talk about intelligence, but i'm not entirely sure what to make of it. The "psychic baby challenges psychic mum" part is as unintelligible as the rest of the site.

The ACACIA bit at the end seems to be some kind of code key, but I have no idea what it's for. I initially guessed it was for the coloured strings of numbers further at the top, but it's impossible to make out.

Most of the text on the site is completely illegible, so it's hard to piece together a motive for why someone would create something this strange. Some parts of the text are written in a formal way, and others look like a 5 year old wrote them. The phone service website linked seems to be written completely differently, which makes me wonder if they were even created with the same intention.

This text is so hard to read I doubt a human made it. It's possible that it could have been generated by an AI, but that begs the question of the motive of this whole stupid website. Could it have just been testing an artificial intelligence to create websites?

It's definitely strange that they would create multiple names for the website, which all trace back to the same place. You're definitely not the first to wonder about this.

I found this thread from about a year ago. It should solve some of the mystery, but it still remains very unclear to me. Tell me your thoughts on it. https://www.reddit.com/r/ScareTheater/comments/egdi1t/nineapple/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

These people say that it was created to try and solve the kidnapping of a kid in Utah, but something about it still feels off to me. Why is the website so cryptic? Most of the replies in the other thread were weirdly complicated too, and it was near impossible for me to understand them, and my first language is English. They all talk about how kind this guy is, and some say they interviewed him when they found his email. I'm honestly pretty stumped about this entire situation, and no one's given me anything about the email.

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