Need a little insight in writing a infj character...

INFJ dude here and I have nothing better to do so I think I can answer these.

  1. Yeah we really do value monogamy. It’s hard to imagine caring about someone enough to marry them, and harder to imagine caring about more than one person that much. Because the INFJ was forced into the relationship he’d probably keep his distance from the women. At best he’d treat them like friends or even daughters.

  2. I think I’d be uncomfortable being forced to marry anyone regardless of their personality types. And since they’re Ne doms I’d probably think of them more as children I have to care of.

  3. Chances are the INFJ would just awkwardly stand there while the ENXP fight over him like some bizarre romcom. Most INFJ dudes would retreat further into their shells and act more aloof whenever fighting breaks out between the two.

  4. He’d shun them both. I’m sure you’ve heard of the whole “Introvert around extroverts, extrovert around introverts” thing. Being around two quarreling extroverts all the time would make him forget he ever had a voice.

  5. It depends a lot on the dude but I’ve always preferred ENTPs. They’re really funny and smart. If there’s any problem I have with them it’s that they’re sometimes too insensitive and always seem like they’re trying to prove something. I could also imagine how an INFJ guy could prefer ENFPs. They’re also really smart and funny but in a different, more endearing way. The Te child is a bit of a turn-off though.

  6. Usually around ENTPs I shut up and listen to what they have to say. When I’m not shutting up I’m laughing my ass off or asking them questions/ giving them prompts because I can’t get enough of their jokes. I really like talking to them if u couldn’t tell by now.

Around ENFPs I also shut up and listen to them but I talk a bit more than with ENTPs. They’re always really curious and when I’m with one I usually end up lecturing them about something while they listen attentively and ask really good questions. They might not be as witty as ENTPs but their curiosity is so adorable I want to fuckin pinch their cheeks straight off their faces.

  1. Yeah, the ENTP-INFJ relationship would probably be a lot more complicated/rough but not necessarily less “good” than the other one. Both will need to grow slightly for their partner.

  2. I can’t imagine it being any more “deep” it’d probably be more stereotypically romantic. The ENFP with their aux Fi would be less averse to doing and saying corny cliche stuff and the INFJ would find it cute. At least that’s how I’d imagine it’d work.

  3. If the INFJ ever addresses anything about the relationship at all, the first thing he’d do would be to take the women aside and explain to them that the marriage is in name only. Unless they’re actually into him, in which case he’d spend all his time mulling over how to deal with the situation. Often how to deal with the situation means how to reject both of them tactfully.

  4. INFJ dudes like any other men are also kind of possessive but they’re more subtle about it. They’ll be kind of jealous when you pay more attention to other people but they just tell themselves to shut up and stop being controlling. Unless they’re really worried or jealous for some reason. In which case, they’ll pretend they never loved you and give you the famous doorslam or they’ll share their anxieties with you. If they do the second btw they really don’t want to lose you

  5. Like I said earlier, interactions with ENTPs consist of listening to them and laughing at their jokes. Interactions with ENFPs consist of the listening to them, lecturing them, and dying of cuteness. The main difference is that ENTPs either dominate the conversation or take up an equal share of it (like a debate or discussion). ENFPs are either the ones being “dominated” conversationally (being told things, listening to the other person, asking the questions) or take up an equal share like the ENTPs with their little discussions/debates

  6. I kind of already answered this in all the other questions. The one I’d connect with quicker would probably be the ENTP. I just have a preference for thinkers. ENFP doesn’t lag that far behind. I connect with them fast as well.

Feel free to ask me any more questions. This took lot longer than I expected it to lol. Have a good day and I hope your story comes out how you want it to :)

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