"We need to mock fit people, for their own good"

I have been lurking this sub for weeks upon months without any need to join or comment because, hey, I just wasn’t rattled enough. Congratulations! This post irked in me in such a way I could not sit back and not puke a comment just with the hope only, a fragment of a maybe, that the author might someday read what I am about to say. Short and sweet. I’m writer, of books, and for fun, an artist. I love that stuff. Art and literature. Reading and appreciating what it means to be intellectually involved in the world around me. Muscles cars, architecture, and abstract paintings because God knows what the artist was thinking. Music and all types of music. Great cinema and even, once in a while, a play. Basically, anything that makes me think. Nothing yanks my goat around worse than a person who has the audacity to say you can’t be something, because ya wanna be, and something else, because you choose to be. I take pride in reading and being a lover of art, of all types of art, and I also work out as much as possible. Why do I work out? Because I want to. Imagine that! Why can’t ya be both? Here’s why. Laziness. A person who gargles some wannabe intellectual disguise to cover his laziness because he’s too cowardly to admit to the world, and to himself, that he’s a liar. And he’s lazy. He can’t handle the truth so makes one up instead and then yaps about it on the internet. Tries to shame and convince the world to belittle others for no other reason than because he can’t, and he won’t, accept that it’s okay to want the best of ourselves. Someone who seems jealous and probably somewhere secretly self-hating. And there’s nothing worse than someone who tries to convince you that you shouldn’t better yourself because of a) b) or c) and then shame others because they do. This article is obnoxious. It made me twist my face up because it tries to mask laziness and apathy with the pursuit of brainpower and if in the wrong hands, and seen by the wrong eyes, the nervous or already self-questioning, people could believe it. I hope this is all satire(as a few comments have suggested is possible) because if not, it's pathetic and sad that someone's actually spent time and more than three seconds writing out such an intellectually empty perspective.

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