This is why we need more diversity in this franchise! We need to continue giving POC platforms to speak about the experiences of their community.

The problem is...

when you start to suggest people need to reject what they're innately attracted to, in terms of features, bone structure, body type,'re suggesting people alter a part of who they are themselves.

Some people just like blonde and blue eyed stereotypes. Other people always like so many other things. Some people love freckles, others hate them or hide them. Some people like Tall Dark and Handsome. Others like dad bods and viking red beards.

Some find half-asian people irresistible, others prefer a different type of half-asian more attractive.

It can go on and on and on. The reality though, is that different people find different things attractive. Why it has to be framed racially, i don't know. It's a construct of the show.

It's just a a fundamental continuance of the idea that we don't let UGLY people on The Bachelor. Because fundamentally...attractiveness is what its all about, in the world of public vanity.

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