Need opinions on co worker relationship.

Love the brutal honesty hahahah.

I def wasnt trying to pin my getting in trouble on anyone but me as i saw her point. And it made me kind of question what this looks like.

But i def do not want to have an affair. And hes made it clear he doesnt either. Sure my ego probably wants to be stroked a bit because i do find him attractive. And thats what makes the flirty talk fun. Im only human. And im not afraid to admit it. Plus workplace flirting is common. Atleast in my experiences. So long as its innocent. I guess everyone has a different opinion though.

But im hoping that its not like that, hence why im here wondering and not running away with a weird fantasy and acting on it.

I will also add alot of the boys talk shop(i work in an auto shop) in flirty ways all the time and make "gross boy jokes "(i find them funny) and make dirty comments its just not the same though as im not close with them and its not as frequent haha.

But regardless im here because i dont want to cross over that line. When i said i didn't want lose the job, him or have him lose his life, i meant it.

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