Need a pair of sharp eyes to analyze for me :) A: Did my R-Shadow's Q land when sylas reappeared? and B: Does sylas not have the R-swap back delay? Because he swapped so soon I thought he may have dodged my R-Shadow Q (too bad he accidentally swapped into my W-Shadow Q XD)

Pretty standard All-in if you go conq-zed (this guy ran fleet too idk why) and first item exec > dirk into sylas 100% of the time. By the time u get dirk he gonna have 2 cloth armors.

Let him slow shove into you levels 1-2 (q farm and do safe last hits), and slow shove back into him for free back and you should have 450 gold after 4 waves, get exec, hit 6, weq him to get 6 stacks, and if he walks back into ur W, swap aa-aa-r-aa(now you have 12 stacks)-e-q-aa(proc passive) - dead. If he ults back, pretty simple just line your q's to go behind you when he reappears.

In this case though, since Sylas is bad - I normally would have WEQ him here, but he threw his chain at me, so if I dodge that I insta-win.

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